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Bamboo Month 2023

Getting Bam-busy for September

Embrace the green revolution and join Bambike with the chorus of bamboo enthusiasts celebrating this magical plant for all of September. It is Philippine Bamboo Month, and world Bamboo Day draws near, coming on September 18. Here is a quick glance at some of the big things we have in store for the occasion:

Make the most of the celebrations with a special deal from Bambike. For the whole month of September, you can avail a 20% discount on ecotour bookings through our website with the code Bamboo20. You can also get a 20% discount on bamboo bike frames for your next bike build – just message us so we can arrange a special price for your specific frame. Hope on a tour, or pedal on a new bike today!

Clump Camp!

Bamboo Bootcamp announces CLUMP Camp Batangas: Propagation, Harvest, Clump Management and Nursery Development Workshop brought to you by Bambike and Philippine Bamboo Foundation, Inc.

Learn how to manage existing bamboo clumps, identify pole age, harvest properly and establish a bamboo nursery in this weekend Crash Course Bamboo Experience. Join Philippine Bamboo Legends, Edgardo Manda (Philippine Bamboo Foundation), Ar. Jed Michael De Guzman (Bamboo Grassroots Atelier) and our very own Bryan Benitez McClelland (Bambike), as they take you from decades of experience and theory to modern real life applications and hands on experience.

We only have limited slots, so register now!

Registration deadline Sept. 18, 2023

Registration Fee : Php 9,000

Bamboo, Bambooks, and Archaeology!

Bambike joins the University of the Philippines Diliman, School of Archaeology, Archaeosoc, and Tuklas for the “Heritage on Wheels” project. We are putting together a mobile bamboo library to share the gift of reading to various communities around NCR. Towed by a bamboo bike, this will serve as a mobile platform for teaching kids the value of books, cultural and environmental heritage, and sustainability. Stay tuned to this project on

There is plenty in store for Philippine Bamboo Month; check in our blog and social media platforms to be updated on our activities and celebrations. We are going to be bam-busy this September!


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