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World Bicycle Day 2023

Take your bamboo bike out for a ride today!

Or take any bike out for a ride today…

Heck, take any bike out for a ride any day.

We like to take sustainable active mobility a step further with our bamboo bikes, but all kinds of bicycles in their long history have been symbols of green transportation, inclusive mobility, and active living. Every June 3rd, since 2018, the world celebrates the timelessness, versatility, and accessibility of these wonderful wheeled contraptions since the foundation of “World Bicycle Day” through a UN General Assembly Resolution. Today we celebrate active mobility for everyone; for people of all ages and all walks of life.

You may ride your bike as a profession, for self-expression, transportation, or simply for exercise; regardless there is an unparalleled freedom in being able to go the distance fueled only by your own body. May it be a grand adventure through the mountains or a simple trip to the store, bicycles get you from point a to point b without the prohibitive cost of gas, without harmful carbon emissions, all while getting some healthy exercise.

This World Bicycle Day, hop on your Bambike and celebrate inclusive active mobility for a greener future.

Pictured above: Team Bambike at Bikefest 2023 for World Bike Day at The SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City


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