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Green Resolutions for the Green Revolution

As we step into this new year, many of us set out to challenge ourselves with goals, aspirations, and change. Achieving New Year's resolutions can feel daunting, but it gets easier when we remind ourselves that the smallest changes in habits add up to the biggest changes in our lives. One year seems like a long time, but you can worry less knowing that you have 365 individual days to settle into a better you!

We are all familiar with the usual New Year's resolutions - about getting healthier, eating less meat, about spending less screen time, about stopping procrastination, etc. Those are all well and good, but having this platform to be heard, we encourage you to add one little thing to your goals. Join our vision for a greener future. Consider giving back to the planet by taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Discover more sustainable alternatives for your daily living. Be more vocal and implore others to reduce waste and optimize consumption.

Big changes do not mean compromising convenience. You can take part in the green initiative through small things like committing to using reusable shopping bags, recycling and up-cycling waste, and getting produce from local markets and farmers. Even just reducing meat consumption is a big step, with beef production being one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases. Making a greener choice in the moment feels little, but make it a habit and surprise yourself by how much it adds up!

We make bamboo bikes, so of course one of our favorite efforts in this initiative is sustainable transportation. Simply replacing two car rides a week with a bike commute reduces a single motorist's emissions by up to 1.3 metric tons of carbon dioxide. On top of this, you get a healthy dose of exercise, and all the fun you get from riding a bicycle. 

What change are you going to make this year? We are looking forward to pedaling with all of you throughout 2024. Let’s pedal towards a New year, new you, and the new green revolution!


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