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Bamboo and Strong Bonds

Bamboo is an amazing material. It has remarkable tensile strength, features a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel, is one of the fastest-growing sustainable building materials in the world, and yields many ecological benefits for the environment it grows in. It can be treated to resist decay and become impervious to pests. As a material for a bike frame, its material properties even act as a vibration damper that makes for a very comfortable ride.


Bamboo is often the highlight of our bikes, but this Valentine’s Day, let’s show some love to what binds our bikes together – abaca. Abaca is a large herb found throughout the Philippines – one that can grow to 22 feet in height. Its long stem can be processed into fiber, better known as “Manila hemp”. We use this material to create strong bonds between the joints of our bamboo bike frames.


This Valentine’s Day, may your relationships be as resilient and sustainable as bamboo! May your bonds be strong like Abaca! Happy day of Love, Bambarkada.


One of our favorite ways to celebrate today is to share a bike ride with the ones we love. Did you know that cycling can do wonders to foster a better relationship? Riding bikes together strengthens bonds, promotes health, and creates unique experiences for couples. It's a shared activity that enhances communication, teamwork, and unity while enjoying the outdoors. Some rides can be challenging, but it can teach us important lessons about individual strengths, weaknesses, and synergy. Best of all, cycling as a couple lets you create shared memories that you can cherish together.


Hop on a bike with your special someone, and create stronger bonds today! For all of February, Bambike Ecotours is offering a special experience for two – inclusive of an Intramuros Express tour, food and drinks at Batala bar, and while supplies last; a pair of matching limited edition Bambike tote bags. Learn more and join this seasonal experience at


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