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5 Reasons You Should Tour on a Bike

Your next best experience might be on 2-wheels!

Choosing where to go is just a portion of your trip planned. On a given location, chances are, there are a number of available ways to explore. Read below on why choosing to tour on a bike is an experience you shouldn't miss!

1. It's also about the journey, not just the destination

A bike tour will make your tour about the journey just as much as it is about the stops. Feel the adventure with every cycle!

2. A bike tour is an intimate experience

Feel the wind on your skin, hear the life in the locality, smell the wafts of varying scents: the slower pace of cycling will allow you to closely experience the place, as you normally wouldn't behind a windshield.

3. Low-impact tourism

Immerse in your experience happily knowing that your 2-wheels has zero emission. You might even be helping a local environmental initiative!

4. Take the side streets

Bikes can take you in alleys, side streets, and less traveled paths that a 4-wheeled drive can't pass through.

5. It's an active experience

Touring more often than not also means trying out food--a lot of food! A bike tour will help you stay active, at least until the next food stop.

You can experience Manila on a bike--a bamboo bike!

Get ready to get close to Manila. Book your experience with us.

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