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Adventure, Advocacy, and Aspiration

Bambike founder Bryan Benitez McClelland with Erden Eruç on bamboo bikes
Photo credit to The Manila Bulletin

(Left) Bambike founder Bryan Benitez McClelland with Erden Eruç on bamboo bikes

After rowing across the Pacific Ocean from California to the Philippines, renowned adventurer, Erden Eruç took a bamboo bike out for a spin. Erden is currently undertaking his second circumnavigation of the globe. On the Philippine leg of the journey, we were ecstatic for his visit to our home at Bambike HQ in the historical walled city of Intramuros.

Erden Eruç is a Turkish-American explorer, speaker, and environmentalist best known for his lone, self-propelled circumnavigations of the planet. He completed this achievement by traveling more than 40,000 miles on foot, bicycle, and kayak. He holds 15 Guinness World Records as a result of his trips, making Erden one of the most accomplished explorers in the world.

Adventure for advocacy – Erden is an inspiration; a living testament to the same cause that we strive for when we started Bambike. His feats of navigation are a testament to a green advocacy of sustainability and protecting the planet. As Erden puts it:

"By foregoing the use of sails and an engine, my journey will aim to coexist with nature, turning my rowboat into an oasis to survive for perhaps ten months at sea. The choice that I made seeking simplicity and accepting discomfort, duress and uncertainty is intentional. I intend to grow in the process, to serve as a steward of this Earth rather than a pest slowly killing it.."

Erden is well-known for his environmental activism, promoting the value of protecting the environment and the planet's natural resources. Between adventures, he has delivered speeches and seminars all around the world, engaging audiences with the tales of his experiences and the lessons to learn from them.

As fellow human-powered explorers, Team Bambike was stoked to meet Erden and wishes him safe travels on his adventures.


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