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Racel: Woman Bambuilder

Behind each Bambike's handmade bamboo bike are the dedication and hardwork of women. And this Women's Month, we're celebrating them.

This International Womens' Month, we're introducing you to Racel. Below she talks about the challenges of her work, how she overcomes them, and the changes they made to her life.

Talk about #GirlPower!


"I'm Racel from a Gawad Kalinga

community in Victoria, Tarlac. I've been a quality control for Bambike for 3 years. As a quality control you need to be more fussy.

I love challenges that's why every time na may pinapagawa sa akin, even though I don't know, I always try my best to do it and learn more--even if sometimes nagiging trying hard na ako. Haha. But at the end of the day, BOOOM: I got it! That's why I'm enjoying working here in Bambike, maraming pinapagawa sa akin na first time kong gawin. Sometimes it gets stressful, pero nakakawala ng stress kapag nakita mong yong bagay na nagpastress sayo is natapos ng maganda and all you have to say is 'wowww, perfect!' 👏

Because of Bambike, mas nakaluwag kami financially. Napaayos namin yung bahay namin. Most of all, mas nakilala ako ngayon, lalo na kapag nakikita kami sa TV because of the Bambike. Dahil sa Bambike, mas natuto din ako makipagsalamuha at mag enjoy together with the people na mas mataas ang estado sa buhay dahil sa mga event ng Bambike na kasama kami."

Support the work that we do! Each purchase from our shop helps us in our advocacy for the people, planet, and progress.

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