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FEATURE: SouthCarolinaVoyager

Community Highlights: Meet Bryan McClelland of Bambike

Excited to announce we were featured on SouthCarolinaVoyager. While exploring the Pitt Street Bridge Park in Mount Pleasant, Bryan (Bambike's Founder) was spotted riding a #bamboobike, a Bambike of course. A brief conversation with some friendly locals eventually ended up landing this interview, real Southern hospitality.

"Now, to help combat climate change and

improve the environment around us,

we are planting one bamboo seedling

for every Bambike we sell."

Read Bryan McClelland's full interview here: SouthCarolinaVoyager Community Highlight

South Carolina Charm

On Bryan's trip to the Charleston, SC area last Thanksgiving he really got to experience Southern charm. Food, hospitality, beaches, and bike paths a plenty, the area is really great to explore on a Bambike.

As a matter of fact, a number of the Benitez / McClelland family has moved there!

We look forward to increasing the Bambike fleet in that beautiful part of the world.

Here is the video that was shot on that day at the Pitt Street Bridge.

See more of Bryan's content on YouTube: Bryan McClelland and Instagram: @bambryan

Free Shipping to USA

The Bambike website has been updated and we have stock ready to ship to the USA.

Check out our bamboo bikes and place your order here at


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