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Bambike for the Biggest Hour

"Bambike in support of Earth Hour"

Every year since 2008, time zones across the globe turn off their lights and non-essential electronics for one hour; 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on the last Saturday of March. In just the span of sixty minutes, the Philippines alone reduces energy consumption for up to 600,000 kilowatts – but the message that Earth Hour carries is much greater than what we can achieve together in an hour.

Earth Hour is symbolic of what humanity can do with a collective green initiative. If time as short as sixty minutes can make such a big difference, imagine what we can accomplish with a continuous effort to combat climate change, reverse nature loss, and actively work towards a nature positive goal.

Bambike Revolution Cycles stands behind the green revolution that Earth Hour is fighting for. We believe in holistic sustainability, and we constantly aim to be an example showing that companies can do better. Bambike strives for a triple bottom line of “People, Planet, Progress” – fair labor for the people in need, earth-conscious material sourcing and production, and being on the front lines of a new green economy.

Bamboo bikes are just one small of the big picture, but through smiles on two wheels, we hope we can inspire others to do better. Bamboo is just one of the amazing alternative materials that we can sustainably borrow from nature. It grows fast and grows in abundance. It sequesters remarkable amounts of carbon emissions, and it is versatile, strong, and durable as a building material. Mother Nature provides and we owe it to her to keep this planet green!

Join us and many other in this initiative. For just an hour on we can make a difference together – so switch off from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on March 25, 2023 join the "Biggest Hour for Earth" this Earth Hour!


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