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5 Reasons to Start Cycling

Thinking about starting to cycle this year? Here are 5 reasons why it's a good idea!

Fitness, financial, and environmental are some of the most common themes of resolutions, and for a good reason: these resolutions create positive ripples in your life when achieved. Being fit can make you more energetic, allowing you to do more of what you love to do in life; spending more wisely can make that dream house renovation or dream trip more in reach; and having a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle can make you enjoy more the natural world around you.

Whatever the theme of your resolution is--fitness, financial, or environmental--cycling is an activity you must take up this new year. It can also be a resolution itself!

Why cycle?

1. It's a great workout

Improve your cardio while building your legs, core, back, and glutes strength!

Not much of a biker yet? Start with a 30-minute ride on a pace you're comfortable with 3 times a week. Gradually increase the distance you're covering, and, if you feel like it, increase your pace. Notice the improvement of your cardio and strength!

2. It burns calories

A 1-hour ride can burn 450 - 750 calories! Regular cycling paired with a healthy diet will help you burn your excess fat stores while you get to enjoy the breeze and sights.

New body, who this?

Image is a screenshot from Catriona Gray's This is the Philippines video.

3. It will save you buck$

Regular gas and parking fees can take their toll. Seemingly small change, like 50 PHP parking fees, can amount to a significant amount, especially when totaled with gas expenses. This is also called the latte factor, which basically means small expenses can amount to big savings!

Save your hard earned money by going pedal-powered this year. You can even save money from less gym expenses too. ;)

4. It will save you gold--your time that is

Time is gold--this old adage never gets old (did you catch the rhyme?). It's especially true in today's fast paced world.

Spend less time on traffic this year, by safely maneuvering between what seems like parked cars on the roads.

Cycling will save you more time than you expect: all at once you get to workout, travel, and improve your well-being as you enjoy a healthier you--physically and maybe even mentally.

5. You will greatly benefit the environment

Bikes have no emission, aren't powered by fossil fuels, and require less resource input to be produced.

Think of every cycle as cycling our world to a more sustainable future: for yourself, your loved ones, and the beings we share our home with.

Make your cycles even greener with Bambike! Bambikes are bamboo bikes that are handmade by a partner Gawad Kalinga community. Each piece is made with the people, planet, and sustainable progress in mind.


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