Cycle around incredible historic neighborhoods and exciting destinations on bamboo bikes! Guided bike tours allow you to explore various parts of the Philippines in a safe, fun, and informative way. The tours are typically done in small groups of around 5 - 10 pax. Choose from a wide variety of Bambike designs which include our signature Ligtasin Cove beach cruisers, Victoria city bikes and other handmade bamboo bike designs as each Bambike is unique. Our guides will serve as your Bambassadors, making sure that you are well taken care of throughout your entire experience with us at Bambike Ecotours.


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Bambike Safety and Health Protocols During Guided Bike Tours:

- Adherence to minimum public health standards.

- Temperature check.

- Complete health screening and contact tracing form.

- Everyone is encouraged to frequently sanitize their hands with alcohol.

- Every guest is required to wear a face mask.

- Strictly implement physical distance at least 1 meter apart in all areas.

- Practice respiratory etiquette at all times. Cover the nose and mouth when sneezing/coughing.

- Implement proper disposal of tissues and face masks after use.

- Guests will bring their own water bottles.

- Bring personal biking helmet if preferred.

- Maximum of 7 pax per tour group.

- Age limit for the tour participants is 18 to 65 years old.

- First aid kits and disinfectant sprays will be available during the tour.

- Symptomatic individuals, the elderly, individuals with underlying conditions, and pregnant women are not allowed to join the tour.

- Disinfecting bikes and frequently touch surfaces after the tour.