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Bambino Bolt

Bambino Bolt



Bolt-on Balance Bike


The Bambino is a Bambike that will teach kids toride on two wheels. It is a balance bike that startsout as a walking aid and then progresses into ascoot bike that they can ride around without theneed for training wheels.

With the latest bolt-on design, the Bambinobecomes a do-it-yourself piece so you canexperience building a Bambino with the speciallittle ones in your life.

This model is designed for children 2-5 years old. Theseat and handlebars are adjustable so that thebike will grow with the child.


(Not included, please message us for a shipping quote)

  • Shipping

    We ship world-wide. Message us for a shipping quote.

    Kindly email us at for any questions regarding shipping direct to your home.

  • Terms and Conditions

    • Prior to shipping, each Bambike frame would have undergone Quality Assurance and Testing. 
    • Each Bambike frame comes with a 3 year Philippine warranty. For frames with manufacturing defects, Bambike will completely replace frames. For frames located outside of the Philippines, Bambike will still replace frames however shipping cost and corresponding duties and taxes to customer will be charged the buyer.
    • 1 year warranty for bicycle parts and accessories
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