#MoveFoodInitiative by AGREA X Bambike Delivery

Get fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your door on our ELECTRIC CARGO BAMBIKE!


In partnership with AGREA, we’re helping distribute farm fresh produce for their #MoveFoodInitiative in Makati.


AGREA is offering a new and innovative way of "moving" food: straight from the farmers to your tables! Given the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine situation, food producers are having a hard time to bring and sell their harvest to the market. At the same time, consumers are also challenged in ensuring food supply for their families.


BAMBIKE is now a logistics and delivery partner for this great initiative. Not only do you get great fresh food with an ecofriendly delivery, your orders help support thousands of farmers across the country. Your patronage also helps support us get out Bambikes for Frontliners: please check out www.bambike.com for details.


You can place your orders via bit.ly/movefoodinitiative or by contacting the numbers on the poster. Agrea and Bambike are excited to hear from you and to fulfil your order.


Bambest regards,





Click the above image to access the order form. Please indicate that your address and request Bambike Delivery in the order form.





Ampalaya - 95/kg
Baguio beans - 130/kg
Broccoli - 130/kg
Cabbage - 67/kg
Carrots - 62/kg
Cauliflower, trimmed - 97/kg
Celery - 100/kg
Cucumber - 62/kg
Eggplant - 82/kg
Gabi - 75/kg
Ginger, Hawaii - 282/kg
Kamote (Japanese, satsumaimo) - 65/kg
Monggo - 100/kg
Bawang (Medium) - 208/kg
Okra - 72/kg
Red Onions - 98/kg
Pencil beans - 95/kg
Potato - 130/kg
Sayote - 66/kg
Sili, panigang - 45/kg
String beans - 70/kg
Tomato - 65/kg
Squash - 105/pc

Avocado - 250/kg
Yellow Watermelon - 180/piece
Pineapples (Formosa variety) - 60/piece
Red Watermelon- 250/piece
Saba Banana-65/kg
Cantaloupe (Orange Melon)-170/piece
Honeydew (Green Melon)-170/piece

Eggs (30pcs per tray) - 240/tray
Rice (Sinandomeng) - 2,250/sack (50 kg)


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