Victoria 2.0 - City Bike model

Victoria 2.0 - City Bike model


The Victoria Bambike is designed to bring the fun without the fuss. With the low-step over frame, riders can easily mount and dismount this enjoyable around town bike. All our frames and Bambike models are unisex but this one is particularly popular with the ladies. The Victoria is perfect for casual bikers living in the city or the suburbs. 

This Bambike model is named after the town of Gawad Kalinga Victoria, Tarlac, where our highly-skilled Bambuilders live and work.

Highlights of this model are the following:


- A Bamboo frame that reduces the road vibrations felt on the road. 

- Spring saddles and synthetic leather grips provide comfortable touch points  
- An easy to use 7 Speed drive train (Shimano) which will allow you to comfortably bike up and down hills or provide you with the needed speed on the road.
- Spring saddles and synthetic leather grips provide

- Powerful mechanical disc brakes that will allow you to slow down / stop at a moments notice

- Wide tires that provide much stability on the road. The sides of these tires are "white walls" which provide high visibility on the road.

- Brown and Silver accents adorn this Bambike to give it a classic and vintage look 

Please message us if you want to customize your Bambike! We do a lot of customizations and upgrades.

  • Information

    - We ship world-wide. Kindly email us at for a quotation for shipping direct to your home. 

    Terms and Conditions:
    - Prior to shipping, each Bambike frame would have undergone Quality Assurance and Testing. Photos of each Frame prior to shipping will be sent to the buyer. 

    - Each Bambike frame comes with a 3 year Philippine warranty. For frames with manufacturing defects, Bambike will completely replace frames. For frames located outside of the Philippines, Bambike will still replace frames however shipping cost and corresponding duties and taxes to customer will be charged the buyer. 

    -1 year warranty for bicycle parts and accessories