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Ligtasin Cove 2.0

Ligtasin Cove 2.0

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This Bambike is ready to hit the beach or cruise around campus. It is The Bamboo Beach Cruiser. Everything about the Ligtasin Cove is an original Bambike design. With double top tubes and a custom handwoven bench seat supported by 4 bamboo seat-posts, the two riders it can carry experience the smoothest ride ever. An abaca wrapped fork with bamboo spacers come up to the Chopper style bamboo handlebars that sweep far back allowing the rider to roll in style and take it real easy. Flat free tires are covered by handmade bamboo fenders designed to keep you dry if you get caught in the rain or when you wanna go puddle skipping. Back pedal braking is made possible by the rear coaster hub, which also keeps the bike free from wires for the green and clean look. 



  • Return and Refund Policy

    - Prior to shipping, each Bambike frame would have undergone Quality Assurance and Testing. Photos of each Frame prior to shipping will be sent to the buyer. 

    - Each Bambike frame comes with a 3 year Philippine warranty. For frames with manufacturing defects, Bambike will completely replace frames. For frames located outside of the Philippines, Bambike will still replace frames however shipping cost and corresponding duties and taxes to customer will be charged the buyer. 

    -1 year warranty for bicycle parts and accessories



    - We ship world-wide. Kindly email us at for any questions regarding shipping direct to your home.

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